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Hildene: A Lincoln Summer Home

I’ve spent enough of this lifetime hearing about the limelight woes of children of celebrities. I’m not saying there aren’t certain hassles of being in the spotlight, but those are far preferable to the actual pressures of, say, not getting enough food this week because your single mom makes minimum wage or not keeping your ...

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Holtman’s Doughnuts

Perhaps one of these days I will research how doughnuts came to be, but I feel like all that knowledge might sully things between me and doughnuts, might kill the magic, like in the Emily Dickinson poem about a guy (and it had to be a guy because only a guy would do something this ...

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A Folsom Prison Muse

When I was a kid, my hometown held its annual fair in late August, the week before school began. It was pretty much what you’d expect of a small town, Midwestern fair—Ferris Wheel, Tilt-a-Whirl, games to win stuffed animals and plenty of contests related to farm life—livestock and flower and baked-goods competitions. It was the ...

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